With your big eyes and your big lies...

We Are All Made Of Stars

Sexy Sadie, what have you done ?

Hello, hello, hello, how low ?

Send me dead flowers by the mail

Why should I be sad ?

I tie my heartstrings off

Hello my shadow self !

Sunshine... Sweet love my labour

Bla bla bla (No joke. No title today. Yep, 'do what I want. Ahah)


I want loads of clothes and fuckloads of diamonds

The Deepest Blues Are Black

Shame, shame, go away. Come again some other day.


Has it gone for good ? Or is it coming back around ?

How far away the future seemed

My baby lives in shades of blue

Matching Sets. Twin Sets. Co-Ords.

The road to somewhere, stretches through the night

The lovely pink wool coat