Flashback Post: It's a Wedding ! (Part 2)

Dress - Xanaka (sample)
Leaves gold necklace - Vintage
Shoes - Zalando
Silver and coral coat - Asos

    (2013) Ici, une jolie robe qui appartenait à ma cousine, c'est un prototype, elle n'a jamais été vendue. La coupe est parfaite et vraiment flatteuse, ça dessine la taille et fait terriblement chic.

    Le collier vient naturellement compliquer le tout. J'aime beaucoup les colliers énormes et celui-ci a un côté très "designer" d'un ancien temps. Je ne sais plus de quelle époque il date, 50s-60s il me semble. J'en suis folle même s'il n'est pas très confortable à porter...

    (2013) Here is a nice dress which belonged to my cousin, it's a sample, it's never been sold. The cut is very perfect and flattering, the waist is drawed and it looks terribly chic.

    The necklace complicates it all. I like bold necklaces and this one has a ancient "designer" feeling to it. I don't remember from which decade it is, 50s-60s I think. I'm crazy about it even if it's not very comfortable to wear...

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  1. Gorgeous look. I especially love the coat. The colors are wonderful. :]

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    1. Thanks ! :) It's still one of my fav coats !

  2. thanks you so much for the lovely comment
    it means so much <3
    your blog is nice too

    hope you like my newest post as well <3

  3. lovely Dress!

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  4. You look so pretty !



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