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Pink top - Asos
Sheer espadrilles - Zara
Round mirror sunglasses - eBay 

    Cette fois-ci, point de robe ni de jupe ! Inutile d'encore vous bassiner avec mon amour pour les pantalons imprimés (ou toute chose imprimée), si vous me lisez, vous l'avez bien compris ça ! Mais celui-ci est juste fantastique et facile à accorder pour le coup ! Hélas, pas de lien ni de marque pour vous, je l'ai déniché dans une petite boutique...

    Pas de chi-chis ici, juste un top, un collier et des espadrilles, je voulais juste me sentir à l'aise. Je n'aime pas trop penser mes tenues, en général, ça vient naturellement (d'où la simplicité de mes tenues), quand j'y pense trop, ça fait des looks bof-bofs ou too much.

    This time, no dress, no skirt ! No need to tell you how much I love printed pants (and everything printed), if you do read me, you already know that ! But this one's so good and easy to wear ! Sadly, no link for you because I got it from a little shop....

    Kept things simple, a top, a necklace and espadrilles, no more needed, I just wanted to be comfortable. I don't like to overthink my outfits, it has to come naturally, when I think too much about it, it's always too much or not so nice.

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  1. Hello my lovely,
    Thank you so much for the comment on my blog. I just wanted to come on over and say that even if you're having a tough time and you're not feeling the best about yourself at the moment that it will get better. Not only do you look beautiful, but I'm sure you're a beautiful person inside as well. I hope you feel better my lovely.
    Chloe xxx
    The Little Plum

  2. loving your colourful looks!


THANK YOU for your sweet messages, they always make my day. <3